Creating Smiles for a Lifetime

to Dr. Jen Orthodontics!
Welcome to Dr. Jen Orthodontics’ website! Dr. Jen Butler and her talented team are dedicated to helping you and your child create a smile to be proud of for a lifetime. We want all of our patients to feel “at home” as we put your needs first to achieve efficient and comprehensive orthodontic treatment.
“Dr. Jen and her staff are incredible and highly professional. As an older patient, they all made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to have braces correct a spacing problem. My appointments were always pleasant and actually fun! They are all super friendly and compassionate about each patient. Anyone needing any type of orthodontic procedures need look no further than Dr. Jenn. I would highly recommend her and her staff to everyone, no matter the age.”
- Laura
“Love us some Dr. Jen and her staff! I have a daughter, Caroline that has angelman syndrome and Dr. Jen went above and beyond to help us with getting her teeth the way they should have been. When I tell people in the Angelman community that someone put braces on her they are amazed because they have a hard time finding a Doctor that would try it. Jen and her staff were very patient and very loving while Caroline was their patient. We love Dr. Jen and her staff! Highly recommend that you try them out!!”
- Adrian
“Dr. Jen is amazing, she and her staff make you feel welcomed. Amazing staff and doctor. Glad I took the time out to get a second opinion. Everyone in the office is friendly and caring.”
- Jackie
“Great place with awesome staff! They go out of their way to make our family feel comfortable AND special, each and every visit. My boys are always eager for their next appointment... they even remind ME it's time to go see Dr. Jen... It's not easy to create an atmosphere in an orthodontic office that makes your children EXCITED to be there. Thank you ladies for treating our family like your very own!”
- Jamie
“Love this office and staff. Dr Jen is amazing and called to check after I got my braces to make sure I was doing ok. Best orthodontist ever!!!”
- Melissa
“Dr. Jen is amazing... from the consultation to the bonding of the braces. How many medical professionals personally call you after a procedure?! Thanks Dr. Jen! You won us over!”
- Martina
"My boys and I love it there. We started with my youngest in braces, then approximately 3 months later myself. Just last week my youngest finished up with braces and my middle son got started yesterday. We love the office staff there and adore Dr. Jen!!”
- Ryan and Becky
“I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an orthodontist to go to. Dr. Jen is very loving. It took less than a month to put my braces on. When I got them put on it didn't take long and it did not hurt. She made me very happy today!”
- Donna
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