First Visit

Our goal at Dr. Jen Orthodontics is to ensure you have a great first impression of our office! Your first visit will consist of a one-on-one visit with Dr. Jen. She will perform a complete clinical exam, including taking a panoramic radiograph of your teeth, review of your medical/dental history, and examination of your teeth and bite. This is the time when many questions can be asked and answered. Do I need orthodontic treatment? What types of treatments are available for my dental problems? When should treatment begin? How long will treatment take? How much will treatment cost?

As a courtesy to you and your dentist, we do not charge a fee for your first visit or for observation visits. If treatment is recommended, your next appointment will be for Diagnostic Records. If you are not ready for orthodontic treatment, you will be seen periodically for observation visits.
Finance and Insurance
Orthodontic Financial Information
  • The fee for orthodontic treatment includes all office visits during the active phase of treatment (while wearing braces). This fee also includes the removal of braces, the first set of retainers given after the braces are removed, and the first six of appointments after debanding for retention visits. (Replacement retainers due to loss or damage will be an additional fee.)
  • If you have chosen a monthly payment option, please remember that payments and appointments do not coincide. A monthly payment is due each month on the 1st. There will be a service charge of $15.00 if payment is not received within 10 days of the due date. For example, if you are on a 6-week rotation for appointments, you should plan to mail your payment or visit the office to make payment. Using your payment coupon booklet and envelopes will help make this convenient. You may also phone the office to make your payment with a credit card. A receipt of payment will be mailed to you as soon as possible.
  • All accounts need to be current so that treatment can continue without interruption. When an account is (60) past due a maintenance only appointment will be scheduled.
  • The monthly payment method is established for convenience and does not always coincide with treatment time. If your treatment goals are achieved more quickly than was estimated, any unpaid balance will still be your responsibility. You may continue to make monthly payments as per your contract or pay the remaining balance off at deband.
Orthodontic Financial Information
  • With the increased number of dental insurance plans, prepayment, and reimbursement programs, we find it difficult to have a complete and accurate knowledge of all available programs. We will contact your insurance company and research your benefits and apply these to your orthodontic fee. We still strongly recommend that you also contact your personnel manager or benefits manager and personally research, understand, and maintain your benefit plan.
  • If you have orthodontic benefits with your dental insurance, we will be happy to file for the benefits and create a ledger for this amount.
  • Dr. Jen has no binding agreement with your insurance company; therefore, if your benefits change, expire, or cover less than is estimated, any “unpaid insurance balance” will be transferred to your ledger for payment.